Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Refashion: Old tattered legging into a flirty skirt

Felly needs some new wardrobes coz she has outgrown most of her clothes. So I bought some items that I can't make myself and decided to sew the rest myself. Thanks to many of refashion posts that I found during my blogwalking, I was so inspired to turn old clothes into something new and wearable. So this morning, I took my old legging and butchered it with my scissors, 45 minutes later it turned into this cute flirty skirt for Felly.

I not very good at explaining things, so instead of doing a tutorial, I'll just show the before (with the cuts that I made) and after photo

 BEFORE. Old and tattered legging.

AFTER. Cute flirty skirt

And here's Lil' Miss Fey, donning her new skirt with tank and faux pearl necklace

Somehow, all of our photo sessions are always ended up with her trying to grab the camera saying 'Mama, I want to take photo too!'


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