Thursday, October 28, 2010

My baby has a fever

Hiks my little girl is down with fever.

Felly is rarely down with sickness or fever. Not even when she grew her teeth or had her vaccination shots. So when she's sick like today, my world turns gray. I miss her laughter and she doesn't sing as much as she usually does. Lucky me, she's not very fussy when she's sick. She still eats her meals, her snacks and drinks her milk.

The last time she had a fever, it was very high about 40C. She was so hot, she began to shiver..after given her medication, suddenly her temperature dropped, she was very cold and her lips turned blue. OMG, I didn't even want to remember that day anymore. It was a mother's nightmare seeing my baby in so much pain. She had to stay in the hospital for 3 days and the experience was a trauma for both of us.

Now, she was fed and will be given her med soon. She's down stair watching TV with my sis-in-law (GOD bless her heart) and from here, I can hear my baby's voice talking animatedly with her aunty. So please GOD, make the fever go away....BAD FEVER, GO NOW!!!!!!! Ita

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