Monday, February 25, 2013

My Proud-Mommy moment

My daughter loves to read. Her favorite lesson is literacy, she likes to read more that to count. Once she learn how to read, there's no stopping her..she reads anything from newspaper (though she doesn't understand what the news are about), bible, street signs, cereal box....

So when her school had their annual competitions and one of them is reading competition, I knew she should participate. She was very enthusiast about it, specially when she knew the winner will get a trophy. Alas, on the D-day, she got sick with flu and had to stay home. Luckily, her teacher said that Felly still participate on the next day. And she did. And she won the 2nd place. And she got her first trophy. Yaaayyy..!!!

This is my little girl, posing proudly with her trophy. I'm always proud of her, and I have every reason to fell that way...

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