Sunday, November 11, 2012

Copycat go away!

I've read some blogs posted by the highly creative crafter about their reaction when they found out that their designs were copied by copycats and the copycats claimed that the designs were theirs. I would have never thought that it would happen to me, because honestly I don't think my craft is worth to copy. Now that it finally happened to me, I can really really understand how those crafters must have felt. I feel angry, upset and extremely disappointed, because I know the copycat personally. 

This is the bag that the copycat bought from me. She then copied this bag, make some herself, and sells them online. She copied all the detail, and even made the same small pouch on the inside too, just like mine. She did make a itsy bitsy change. She quilted the front. But that's it.

When she bought this bag from my facebook, she told me that she was interested in opening an online store, selling handmade bags. And she added that she liked my design and thinking of copying it (what an honest copycat). I immediately blocked her from my facebook. 

I know that the internet enables us to get our inspiration from other's works. But there's a big difference between getting inspired and copying. When someone's work inspires you, you grab the inspiration and translate it into your OWN idea. You alter the inspiration to suit your OWN style. Copying is simply COPYING. And seriously, how far can you go by copying someone's work? Can your business sustains if you copying someone's work?

Despite my disappointment, I try to stay positive and push myselft to be more creative

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