Friday, March 9, 2012

Felly's 4th Birthday

Felly had been asking us to celebrate her birthday at school. Actually, I preferred if we celebrate it at home, there would have been more time for games and photo booth and snack buffet, but it was the first time Felly ever asked for anything on her birthday, so I gave in.

Unfortunately, I was so busy at work and didn't have enough time to do a proper preparation. I even had to bring my sewing machine to the office, so I could squeezed some time to finish the souvenirs. I'm sorry baby, Mama promises that your next birthday would be much much better.

Thankfully, Felly was very happy. Especially with the pile of presents she got.

With the girls

With the boys

Cereal in white chocolate and brownies for the teachers

Bento Lunch (Chicken rice, fried noodles, sweet chicken, sausages)

Party Favors (Shaped pillow, plastic apron, painting set, cookies, muffin and chocolate milk)

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