Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Tree is UP!

We set our tree on Dec 1. Last year, Felly was still too small, instead of decorating the tree, she pulled all the ornaments and lights, so we spent more time putting back everything she pulled down and keeping her away from the tree until it was fully decorated.

This year is special though..she's big enough to decorate the whole tree by herself. Well, our tree is only 90cm, so it doesn't need such elaborate decorations, but to my little girl, this experience means so much.

Last year I chose gold theme for the tree, and this yearI was planning on a shabby chic theme with DIY felt ornaments and some red globes. But Felly got too excited and hung all of the ornaments instead, now our tree is over decorated.

Now, the last thing need to be done is stuffing the tree with gifts.

DIY mini felt tree


Ms. Gingerbread


admiring her work

On the last day of school, she made this snow man and hung it on the tree too

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