Monday, September 26, 2011

Girls Day Out

Yesterday was a blast! Just me and Felly, we went shopping (grocery shopping actually, but shopping nonetheless) and then got our hair done.

It was Felly's first experience to get her hair cut in a salon. Usually, I cut her hair by myself and more often than not, ended up with tears and frustration. She doesn't like it when pieces of hair got to her face and neck, and she never stop to move. Then both of us get irritated.

When I asked her yesterday if she wanted to get her hair cut in a salon, she was a bit reluctant. Luckily, every mother on earth knows the power of bribery. So, with brand new painting set, new coloring book, strawberry milk and a promise of a couple of donuts, she sat herself, facing the mirror and sit quietly during the whole cutting  process. And people were complementing her on her nice behavior (A Proud Mama Moment)

 I'm quite happy with the result, she looks so cute with the new haircut. And she was happy too. She just couldn't stop telling everybody about her new experience and keep showing off her new hair.

Because she was such a nice girl in the hair salon, she got her reward. A ride on this toy-car-machine-thingy. And of course, the promised hot donuts.

She hugged me on the way home, telling me how happy she was. It was a perfect mommy-and-me weekend..until she painted the wall with her new coloring set.

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