Friday, October 1, 2010

High heels Sandals REVAMP

I need a glamorous high heels sandals for my bro's wedding (which is tomorrow), but money has been very tight for me, therefore no budget to spend on sandals and thankfully, I've been hooked with lots of re-purpose / re-fashion ideas that I found in the blog land. So, I racked my brain to make a good use of the high heels sandals that I already have.

For the first attempt, I decided to revamp this one:
By using a pair of diamante broches which I bought for Rp. 30.000 per pair (it's about US$ 3)

I pinned each brooch on the knot of the sandals and TAADDDAAAA..!!! Instant glamour.

 This is so easy and simple, such a no-brainer so I won't even call this post a tutorial. So if you have a plain sandals or shoes that has been catching dust, let's take them out and re-fashion!

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