Saturday, July 17, 2010

No better job could compete with mine

There were times when I was passing through Jl. Sudirman, with its high rise buildings, offices, people in business suits walking by, I remembered those days when I was a part of it, when I was one of those people. I missed the morning routines of putting on make up, dressing up in my all black business clad and having people to call me 'Ibu'. Aaahhh...those days when meetings after meetings went by, when my agendas were filled with appointments with media, VIPs and suppliers, when deadlines were to be met and all the craziness that went behind the closed door of my office. I even keep my business card as a memento of my positions in that hotel.

Then, I heard tiny footsteps approaching, and a round face was poking from behind the door with the prettiest smile on her face..

And when she called me Mama, I know that there's no where else I want to be, and there are no better job in this world than being her mom. In fact, it is such a great honor for me....

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